In the (music!) studio…

I have decided to start keeping a blog on my photographical (yes, I’m aware that isn’t a real word) undertakings, mainly as a means to reflect on how I approach work as I find my own way, but also to try and create a sense of progress. Also maybe someone, somewhere, will find it of moderate interest! Anyway…

Recently I was presented with the opportunity to shoot a band (Concrete Natives) recording their first demos in a lovely analogue studio (Soup Studios) in east London. 

This is exactly the kind of work I really enjoy, allowing me to take a (hopefully!) unobtrusive approach to cover a subject I have a lot of passion for. It was a long day shooting, although decidedly longer for the band I’m sure, and an even longer editing process afterwards.

Music studios aren’t the most photo friendly environments, lots of dim, orange-y lighting and tight spaces. I may take a few yoga classes in future to aid in navigating amongst the wires, mic stands and assorted other expensive items!!

It was also a lot of fun :)

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